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African-American History on Wheels Exhibit


Clifton J. Brown is Founder and president of Reflections In Black Museum, Inc. a 501(c)(3) organization that takes its exhibit to its audience.  Brown uses his interest and knowledge in African-America History, and his motivational-style speaking ability to create a museum that utilizes both of his key attributes.


Brown’s vision is to share the “first” and little-known significant information about the many accomplishments and contributions African-Americans have made to society.  His uncanny ability to tailor his presentations for audiences of all ages has propelled Reflections In Black Museum, to an organization that engages audiences from primary-aged to college-aged and beyond.  Reflections In Black Museum has been hosted in cities in its home state of Ohio including Cleveland, Akron, Twinsburg, and Youngstown, and in other states including Alabama, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


The Museum gains the attention of its audience because presentations start with known facts and artifacts, and then quickly moves to the unknown.  Once you get their attention with items that they recognize, they remain attentive and open to new information.

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