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Atom "World’s Fastest Painter"

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My name is "Atom - World's Fastest Painter". I'm both an artist and a showman, and I paint my amazing moon art in front of live audiences. Using just a can of spray paint and a knife, I take a blank canvas and turn it into a stunning piece of art while crowds watch, fascinated.


My paintings are dazzling lunar landscapes, space worlds that exist only in science fiction. And what is even more remarkable about my art is that I create my paintings start to finish in about 3 minutes!


I first learned how to paint small paintings with spray cans years ago while traveling in Mexico. I found the technique of layering paint and removing it with a knife to be just what I was searching for. I could have instant gratification and realize my artistic vision in minutes. Using this style of painting, I could create infinite varieties of extremely colorful paintings that were exciting and otherworldly.


I canceled the rest of my trip, stayed in Mexico and apprenticed with the top spray can artist there. When I was ready, I bought a one-way ticket to Tokyo.


My plan was to travel the world, creating my paintings on street corners - taking my art directly to the public and putting on a good show at the same time! It was scary at first, not speaking a word of Japanese, and not knowing if my art or I would be accepted in a different culture. I wanted to expose my paintings to the greatest number of people, so I positioned myself in front of the notoriously crowded Tokyo commuter train station. I was hoping to make enough to buy noodles, more paint, and pay for my hostel. The people just loved my art and loved watching me make it. They bought each and every painting. I was an instant hit.


Travelling all over the world as a street artist has been an incredible adventure, both good and bad. The bad - shop merchants have chased me away, police have issued me tickets, and I've even been arrested. You can see the articles below about how I took on the L.A.P.D. and won, after they arrested me and violated my civil rights.


Now my life is very different. I'm paid to perform my show, and I've performed professionally at many events - most of which you can see above, and I've even been on TV in several countries.


The exposure has brought me directly to the art-buying public. The demand and price for my artwork have increased.




 Atom's "General" Technical Rider Facts (No fumes, No over-spray, No-mess show!)


  • Show Description: 4 hour high-paced comedy performance art show.  Approximately 40 paintings (valued @ $100 each) made live and given to your guests.


  • Performance Area: 6 ft. wide, 5 ft. deep


  • Lighting: Top of the line, light show and laser included.  The darker the better.


  • Sound: Small PA speakers and mic quietly play my music video collection included.


  • Camera: 3 cameras show performance from different angles included. 


  • HD Video projector: Painting image up to 15x20ft and 6x6 ft. video screen included.


  • Stadium Stage and Larger Venue Shows: Ensures all guests get a front row seat to see my art.  Live video OUT signal can plug into your video system (Composite RCA).


  • Stanchions: 4 stanchions with 3 ropes, 6 ft. in length MUST be provided.  Please don’t forget (safety).


  • Outdoor Shows: Adam cannot perform under direct sun light.  The paint dries quickly and won’t work.  Under a shady tree or the shady side of a building is preferred. The sun moves.  If not, a BIG pop-up tent is a must.  Heaters at night.


  • Power: 110V; 1,000 watts; 10-amp.  A normal, unshared strong outlet will be fine.


  • Meals: Adam gets very hungry.  One “Adult” meal and lots of water and Coca-Cola.  Please make sure the on-site person knows this…  If no food can be provided, add $30.


  • Load In / Out & Parking: Adam doesn’t need assistance with load inout/,unless it is very difficult.  Please pay and reserve parking/loading space.


  • Press: Adam is happy to do any interviews.  Your local press, TV, radio, promotional interviews are all welcome.


  • Directions: The best directions.  Don’t let Adam get lost.


  • Travel and Hotel: Adam makes his own travel arrangements: Air, Hotel, and Ground Transportation.  This is to make your job easier. Just one call and I will see you at the show!  If hotel is provided, Double bed and smoking room: “ADAM GELD”

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