Boogie Rican Boulevard One Woman Play


The first one-woman show by talented young Bronx-born poet/writer/actress/musician/activist Caridad De La Luz a.k.a La Bruja [“The Witch”], Boogie Rican Boulevard debuted at the famed Nuyorican Poets Cafe in 1998.  It has since been produced off-Broadway at The Producers Club, at hundreds of venues around the world, from San Francisco to Switzerland, and, newly revised in 2003, sold out its eight-week run at New York’s Tea Theater, where it was sponsored by Cafe Bustelo, Hot 97, Urban Latino Media, and Red Bull.

Though a richly entertaining portrait of generations of a Puerto Rican family living in the Bronx, and the perfect vehicle for La Bruja’s prodigious comedic and dramatic skills, it is Boogie Rican Boulevard‘s surprising interconnections, deft balance of humor and heartbreak, and complex yet compassionate worldview that elevate it from first-class entertainment to enduring classic.  A penetrating depiction of the contemporary Nuyorican experience, it is an important addition to the oeuvre of great Latino-American literature; yet with its singular characters, subjects ranging from baseball to Buddhism, and moving explorations of love, loss, and togetherness, Boogie Rican Blvd. is also, like all classics, a universal work for all audiences.

A reknowned spoken-word poet and classically trained actress with numerous film, television, and theater credits, La Bruja puts her famously versatile talents to good use in the seventy-five-minute show, which also incorporates music, dance, and poetry.  Faced with her gamine beauty, it is difficult to imagine her taking on the vacant stare of Lola the addict, the cocky stance of teenage gangsta Pito, or the hunched, slightly pained shuffle of aging patriarch Don Jose, but in Boogie Rican Blvd., La Bruja brings all of these characters and more to life with an effortless fluidity, a pitch-perfect precision, that stuns, delights, and ultimately awes.

Says The Daily News:
”Over the course of her 75-minute, one-woman-show…so seamless is [La Bruja’s] transformation between characters, it’s hard to shake the impression that five different actors have been hard at work…  Boogie Rican Boulevard is bound to go places, whether it’s to off-Broadway or the big screen.”

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