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Alex Carabaño is a Brooklyn-born stand-up comedian and son of Colombian immigrants. He’s been featured on CBS and rocked out at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater. Alex’s humor stems from being a vegetarian in a Colombian household, as well as hilarious anecdotes of being a restaurant owner in New York City. Follow Alex on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and watch his videos on Youtube.  


Carlos Gonzalez was born in Cali, Colombia but raised in Queens, New York. An accomplished actor, Carlos finds humor in the fact that he’s a dad to a teenager, has an ex-wife and now a new wife. Fresh off his one man show in New York City, Carlos was an host on MTV3 as well as a radio host for 105.1FM  Follow Carlos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Oscar Collazos was born in Cali, Colombia and raised in Miami, Florida. A graduate of the University of Florida, Oscar has lived in New York City for the past 12 years where he is pursuing his passion of stand-up comedy. Oscar’s anger comes across as a lovable and curmudgeonly, and although he may seen jaded and bitter, he’s a teddy bear deep down inside. Follow Oscar on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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