Greg Kennedy


Originally trained as an engineer, Greg uses the principles of geometry and physics to create groundbreaking work with original apparatus. As a young juggler, he quickly made a name for himself in the juggling community not only by his mastery of traditional juggling technique, but also for creating entirely new forms of manipulation. He is now renowned for his many original contributions to juggling as an art form. Jugglers know him for his award-winning creativity; audiences know him for his entertaining performance, making visual spectacles by combining art and science.


Professional Highlights

Featured Artist with Cirque du Soleil

Two-time International Juggling Champion

Featured on the cover of Juggle Magazine

Over 2 million views on



Overview of Shows


Innovative Juggler:

A unique perspective of juggling: from props that have been performed for decades, centuries and even thousands of years; to modern forms being created today. Greg’s solo show, Innovative Juggler, is a combination of high energy juggling, clean comedy, and unique performance pieces. It amazes audiences everywhere, mixing impressive feats, rapid-paced wit, and the pure beauty of motion.


This show runs up to 60 minutes in length, is easily adaptable to most venues. Innovative Juggler is suitable for all English-speaking audiences.



Spherus is a circus with extra dimension. The performers interact with light and multimedia to create stunning effects. They work together manipulating fabric, acrylic, and wooden shapes. This show includes International Juggling champion Greg Kennedy, complemented by two aerial dancers. Structural shape creations, trio object manipulation, and dazzling aerial artistry on silks, ropes, and spinning hoops all appear in this production.


The show runs up to 75 minutes in length. It is designed for theatrical venues with rigging capabilities; alternately, we can bring a freestanding rig. Spherus is a non-verbal show suitable for all audiences.


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