Kellye Howard


Kellye here, Let's get to it...I am a writer, speaker, actress, and stand-up comedian who's been featured on Comedy Central, TBS, NBC, FOX, WGN, as well as several other media outlets including multiple written publications.


My primary goal is to motivate and inspire through performance and communications of any form. So whether you've seen me at a live stand up comedy or storytelling show, caught my latest podcast (Be less Petty), or read something I've written online, the themes are all the same; real-life experiences expressed in a somewhat comedic fashion.


Some cool things I'm doing or have done:


  • I host a weekly podcast, ‘Be less Petty’ (now on iTunes and Soundcloud). 

  • I also have a YouTube show called 'Be less Petty TV'

  • I'm a former member of the Severn Darden Graduate Program; Second City Training Center's House Ensemble ‘Madcap’ after my recent graduation from their conservatory program. 

  • The Chicago Sun-times named me Chicago's  BOLDEST  comedian...I'd agree! 

  • My ultimate goal is to live out my parents dream as I am the self-proclaimed love child of Oprah Winfrey, Richard Pryor, Tony Robbins and Lucille Ball. If you can picture that. 


In a nutshell, I love to share my experiences as a mother, a woman, a daughter, a wife, a comedian, a writer and all the in-betweens and not doing so SUCKS!


Most days I'm pretty happy just doing things that I LOVE to do!




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