Mexico 2000 Ballet Folklorico


México 2000 Ballet Folklórico started in 1997 with the necessity to offer quality dance programs for the Dallas-Metroplex area audience and has been performing for many cultural and private events, presenting more than 800 performances in the last 15 years. 


México 2000 Ballet Folklórico and its Directors Alex & Mary Palencia have
trained more than 500 dancers and teach to proudly present their traditional heritage in different venues
; and always instill the importance of education and success in their personal life.


Alex & Mary Palencia always worked very close with Alex’s late father Professor and researcher of the Mexican traditions Leopoldo Palencia Salas. He assisted them and counseled them to try their best and stage dances, regions and “Cuadros Costumbristas” but most importantly to preserve and transmit the authentic traditions of Mexico.


From 2 to 32 dancers México 2000 Ballet Folklórico showcases regional traditional Mexican dance. Presentations are fast-paced; nonstop with 2 to 8 different dance regions, from the hot and humid climate in the southeast, the traditional northern dances with their European, Afro-Caribbean and South American influence, including Mayan/Pre-Columbian dances that are still preserved in these days. Learn the traditional and authentic dance "La Bamba" and enjoy the excitement and color of a Mexican Fiesta in Jalisco! 


Dance presentations range from 20 minutes to 2 hours.


In the past 19 years México 2000 Ballet Folklórico has obtained more than 500 recognitions at several state and nationwide dance festivals.  Among others México 2000  received from the City of Dallas and Mayor Laura Miller, proclaiming May 13, 2004 “Fiestas de mi Tierra Day”, more recently received from the office of the City of Garland through three different Mayors the honor of proclaiming the month of September 2005-2013 as: “México 2000 Ballet Folklórico Month”, due to the cultural contributions to the Garland community, as well as a proclamation from  the Westchester County Board of Legislators in White Plains, New York, declaring September 8, 2007 as: “Ballet Folklórico México 2000 day” among others.

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