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Dr. Pamela is a college professor and innovative business owner who holds a Ph.D. in Leadership for the Advancement of Learning and Service from Cardinal Stritch University. Her research focuses on interpersonal relationships, self-motivation, inspiration, resilience, and post-traumatic growth.


She is the founder of Inspiration Ink, an organization that houses EmpowerMe! CollegePrep, Tandem Light Press, and The Academy of Creative Coaching for students, aspiring authors, and future professional coaches who wish to empower others through their own unique gifts and talents. Additionally, she has written three books and contributed chapters to two others. Her latest book is

Letters to the Brokenhearted: Woman-to-Woman Advice on Refocusing, Rebuilding, and Reloving.


The bulk of Dr. Pamela’s career has been spent in higher education, where she has twelve years of

professional experience. As a student affairs professional, she received training in suicide prevention, motivational interviewing, and substance abuse counseling. After completing her master’s degree in College Student Affairs, Dr. Pamela pursued her Ph.D. to better position herself to help develop leadership skills in others, particularly with the desire to help people live fulfilling, purpose-driven lives.


Dr. Pamela’s mission as a writer, speaker, and educator is grounded in a philosophy that challenges each of us to take responsibility for our own actions in all situations. Empowerment starts within. Whether we are exiting an unhealthy relationship, rebuilding one that has potential, or striving to reach a new level of achievement, there is always a need to look within and determine what we may need to do differently to take hold of a more fulfilling life. Each book, poem, scholarly article Dr.

Pamela Antoinette writes addresses this need - and her workshops and presentations show her participants how to get there.


Speaking Topics:

  • Inspired to be the First: Needs and characteristics of first-generation students

  • Success Strategies for First-Generation Doctoral Students: How to successfully navigate through a doctoral program

  • It’s Your Life, Live It! Leadership development, life purpose

  • Civil Rights Pilgrimage: Civil rights, social justice, human dignity, integrity, leadership

  • WILD (Women in Leadership and Diversity): Personal leadership development, women’s empowerment, life purpose

  • The Ten-Gallon Challenge: Loving Big in a Pint Sized World: Moral leadership, life purpose, human dignity, interpersonal relations

  • Build Your Wings and Fly: Healing for the Brokenhearted: Refocusing, rebuilding, and reloving after the difficult ending of a relationship

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