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You never know what Rocsi's going to do next because with every step she takes, something amazing happens!


Though born in Honduras, Rocsi (Racquel Diaz) was raised and shaped in America. Her family moved to the New Orleans area, where Rocsi grew up, moving through her teen years and into her diverse love of music and culture. “My mom used to listen to Air Supply and Sting, and we listened to the music of the N.O., from Master P to jazz and blues. We also got into all of the Latin and Creole music that was around us, too. I was raised on music, period.”


From New Orleans, Rocsi and her family moved to Dallas, TX, where she was introduced to southern BBQ, new music and Chick-Fil-A.


After grinding her radio (her first love) in Dallas, Rocsi came to the attention of a station in Boston, where she developed her singular radio style and fun-filled on-air personality. Boston was an adventure. “I couldn't even sign my own lease, I was so young. My mom had to sign for me.” But Boston was where Rocsi grew, strengthened her interview style (with such superstars as 50 Cent and B2K), and honed her sparkling personality and where she got put on at a whole new level. Chicago came calling soon, and Rocsi (“The Midday Mami,” as she was quickly known) was in a major market, winning fans and interviewing some of the hottest artists of the day, from Ludacris (“That's not even an interview. He's like family.”) to Baby and Lil Wayne and many others, who had already gotten to know her in Boston. Rocsi was in her own world in Chicago, becoming a well-known personality who was hosting parties, having artists come to town just to be on her show, and feeling like she was at home.


But then, the opportunity of a lifetime came that she couldn’t resist.


“When I heard about the New Faces Search on BET I figured I had nothing to lose. If I didn’t make it, I was in Chicago and I loved Chicago. I miss it to this day. But I really had to go for it.” And go for it she did. Rocsi made such an instant and winning impression that she knew something good would come from it. She didn't know that what would come of it would be her being called on to take over the number #1 show on the network - 106 and Park. “I got a call while I was on the air! I ran into my Program Director’s office, with BET still on the phone and said “I GOT IT! He said ‘They are going to take my baby.’ I didn't know what they had in mind, but I could never fathom that it was 106 and Park. That was Free & AJ and Tigger and Julissa. That was for the superstars.”


But that’s where the network placed Rocsi and co-host Terrence J almost 4 years ago and Rocsi has been riding high since, with radio and charity opportunities that keep expanding the Rocsi brand.


The crazy-successful 106 and Park has been the #1 music program on television for years now, but the ratings continue to grow with Rocsi and Terrence J as hosts, with such highly-touted interviews as Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Nelly from music, and Jamie Foxx, Will Smith and even Tom Cruise from the world of movies, and other superstars as well. Rocsi and Terrence have expanded onto radio, where Rocsi is right at home. She got into the hugely profitable videogame arena and when natural disaster hit her hometown, Rocsi started the RocStar Foundation.


Throughout the country, you can hear Rocsi on radio again, with Terrence J, where the pair hosts 106 and Park Weekend Countdown in syndication. Rocsi also became the voice of the reporter in the successful Def Jam: Icon game. “It was cool doing that too, because AV's (the gaming company) headquarters is in Chicago, so I got to go back home.”


But, humbled by it all, Rocsi is also using her amazing success to give back to young students in her hometown of New Orleans, which is still recovering from the devastating destruction of Hurricane Katrina. “I was in NYC when Katrina happened, and I was going crazy. I couldn't find some of my friends. We didn't know where some of our family was and it was rough. I got called by the station in Chicago and they were interviewing me and I was crying beyond the tears. I was crying from my soul because this was horrible.”


Since then, Rocsi has founded the RocStar Foundation, because more than the demolition of homes in New Orleans, what really hurt Rocsi was that the schools where she grew up, learned and lived, were destroyed. “This was my first kiss. This was me hanging out with my friends and laughing. This was my life and I realized that while everyone was helping people one family at a time, with the RocStar Foundation, I could help an entire community.” Rocsi hopes to expand The RocStar Foundation to help build schools around the world, especially in developing countries, like Honduras and throughout Africa. “I want to be able to do what Oprah did in Africa and really help to build up people, especially young people. That's the main thing that I love about 106 and Park. We meet so many young kids, every day, who are just trying to have a great time and get their laugh on. I love it and I wouldn’t change a thing!”


Rocsi is poised to take her career to another level, readying herself for more scripted opportunities, from feature films to soap operas (both in English and in her native Spanish, because telenovelas are seen by millions throughout South America, Central America and Spain). At the end of the day, Rocsi says, with a sincere smile in her heart, that she just wants to take full advantage of all of the opportunities that are coming, because “I love doing what I am doing! I want people, especially young kids, to know that you can dream and that, if you believe in yourself, those dreams can become real blessings!”

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