Sable B.

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Sable B. is a a strategist and facilitator. Sable created Real Brown Girls in 2014, and has become an in-demand thought leader creating a new narrative among professional women of color. When she is not working on Real Brown Girls, she can be found serving as a county Program Director for a statewide education based nonprofit in New Jersey.


From sitting as a panelist at the United Nations for the International Day of Peace to presenting at a science and education conference in Cairo, Egypt, this dynamic woman is continuing to do the work of a seasoned change agent.
During Sable’s early career she served as a secondary school educator. During her tenure, she achieved the highest reading growth for her school in addition to increasing state test scores for both reading and math, resulting in the school being saved from closing. Sable has always been a passionate contributor to her community. Whether helping to shape the lives of impressionable students as an educator, or receiving the Temple University Annie Hyman Award for Community Service, it is clear that Sable is devoted to the advancement of others.
She is a New York Native, born in Brooklyn and holds a Bachelor's Degree in African American Studies and French from Temple University and a Master of Education from
University of Pennsylvania.
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