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Just like you, I am far too complex to explain in a few words. Just know this, I don’t take things too seriously, I am nice, I care, I can be funny, I am smart, I love my parents, I love my children, I love making people laugh and be inspired and I always do my best. Oh yes, and I am very focused on understanding and then explaining in simple ways why it is that we behave the way we do. I know this clarity is essential in order to move towards positive changes in our lives.


I have found evidence that in life those of us who look for struggle and difficulty will find struggle and difficulty, just as certain as those who look for possibility and opportunity will find possibility and opportunity.  It makes no difference what your focus is, the answer is and has always been “yes”, the only difference is in what we are looking for.  To find the same evidence, you only have to look into your own life.  If you are honest you will see how your perspective and expectations have always materialized.  The challenge is that most of us are not even aware of the beliefs we hold in silence or of what we are looking for, therefore we think we are not running our own show, but we are.  What are you looking for? Do you know? Become clear about your fears and limiting beliefs and you will be able to set your course in a better direction.  Are you setting your course on purpose? Or, are you like the sailboat whose Captain has fallen asleep at the wheel and thus its course is being set by whichever way the wind blows.  I know that most of our beliefs aren’t truly ours nor based on our experiences, instead, we hold ideas about things because someone told us that that was the way it was supposed to be.  Rest assured that intentionally or not you are the only one steering your course. Now is the time for inspiration, motivation, and clarity about the things that are possible. I know this from personal experience for I had to wake my Captain and when I did I discovered what I call the ABC Principle – “Awareness Begins Change.

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