Tommy Bottoms


Donald Goines meets Dr. Cornell West is the only way to describe the poetry of HBO Def Poet, Tommy Bottoms.   This Indiana native, now a resident of Atlanta, GA has amazed crowds all over the country with his gritty delivery, and controversial topics. His poetry speaks to everyone from the young and old, to the college graduate to the high school dropout. Tommy’s verbal dexterity and witty punch lines captivate audiences while he delivers a college lecture on topics ranging from the politics of the country to the politics of poetry.


Tommy has performed on hundreds of stages around the country and over time his name has become synonymous with standing ovations. In 2002, the Indianapolis Star named Tommy Bottoms as one of the Top People to Watch in their annual year- end edition. Following a performance in Memphis, TN during his Southern Tour, an article in the Commercial Appeal stated that Tommy Bottoms was the spoken word equivalent to a “Nas or Common”.  And after a year of burning up the underground scene in Atlanta, the urban weekly Rolling Out recently did a feature story on him, highlighting his popularity in the underground scene, as well as his newest monthly production, Clash of the Titans, which is a hip hop verses poetry battle.


Tommy Bottoms may be one of the most prolific spoken word artists of our time. His ability to bring a college classroom to the streets has gained him fans far removed from the poetry scene, as well as the utmost respect from his peers in the spoken word community. Tommy’s poetry can basically be summed up in one word…genius.

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