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Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble  


The UNIVERSAL African Dance & Drum Ensemble, is a group made up of talented African-Americans and Africans who have been taught by some of the best teachers in America and of course by some of the best African teachers since 1984. They have made great accomplishments with their traditional, sensational, electrifying and amazing performances of Stilt Walkers, Dancers, Drummers, Ground Masquerades, Drama and a very exciting Acrobatic Show. The Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble has performed at many prominent and prestigious events in this country, including performing for and honoring leaders of countries, celebrities, politicians, religious, business and community leaders. They have also represented the beauty of African culture by performing and being viewed by millions on cable, local, national and international television.


The Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble were chosen by a distinguished committee of world renowned artists and scholars as one of the best in America to represent the United States at the FESMAN WORLD ARTS FESTIVAL, December 2010 in Dakar, Senegal Africa, where over 80 nations will be represented.  In addition, Universal has been blessed and sanctioned to be one of the best and the most exciting African Dance & Drum Ensembles in the United States of America, by scholars, professors and historians.  All 54 active members of the Dance & Drum Ensemble are advanced Martial Artists (Karate) practitioners, and many are local, national and world Karate champions.


Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble has been blessed with 5 outstanding stilt walkers along with our famous stilt walker, Pasha the Stilt walker who is also considered by scholars as one of the best stilt walkers in America. It is tradition that the masquerade or the stilt walker's identity remains a mystery. Nevertheless, we will inform you that he is a 5th Degree Master Black Belt, National and World Karate Champion and is also a graduate at the UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a Master's Degree in Music Education.


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